Chandler’s Landing Country Club foreclosed; to be auctioned Sept. 1

chandlers landing club

By J.J. Smith. Out of business for over the past month, Chandler’s Landing Country Club in Rockwall has been foreclosed upon and will be sold to the highest bidder Sept. 1 at the monthly Rockwall County Sheriff’s auction.

The foreclosure auction takes place the first Tuesday of each month outside the front door of the Rockwall County office building at 1101 Ridge Rd.

According to Chip Imrie, president of the Chandler’s Landing Community (Homeowner’s) Association, Club owners David and Susan Gaskill had filed for bankruptcy protection but no other option is now left since their case was recently dismissed. 

The Gaskills could not be located for comments.

Imrie said the marina - owned and operated separately by Marine Quest - is not affected and will remain open.

But the junior Olympic-size swimming pool, seven tennis courts and workout room will only remain open now through Labor Day, Sept. 7, according to a flyer distributed by the owners to Chandler’s Landing Country Club members and community association residents.  

Numerous residents had stopped using the pool anyway and virtually no one uses it anymore, according to lifeguards, because of complaints that the water is green and not being properly treated. 

What will happen to the Club is anyone’s guess at this point, said Imrie. “We’ll just have to see what happens.”

He explained that since the Club was built during the mid 70s, several owners have tried to make a go of it but it’s never been easy. They all eventually sold it to new owners, who also tried to make a profit.

“We all tried to support the Club as best we could,” he said, referring to community association members.

As recently as two months ago, owners were investigating renovating and expanding the Club to allow for larger, more profitable weddings, but such efforts apparently fell flat.

Now Imrie said former Club members and many homeowners hope someone with the ability and financial means to renovate it will come along and purchase it, for the good of the community association and Rockwall.

“We would hope members would then come back,” he said.

He added that there have been many rumors of someone doing just that.

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