Men coming from miles around to get hair cut by Knockouts girls in Rockwall


By J.J. Smith. It’s been called the new “Hooters of Hair-Cutting” and the new “Day Spa for Dudes.” But no matter what you call it, when you first walk into Rockwall’s new “Knockouts” Haircuts For Men salon, you instantly know that you’ve entered a special place for men.

Featuring the very attractive, smiling, sexy Knockouts girls – clad in snug red V-necked polo shirts and short black boxing shorts; comfortable, black leather chairs; flat screen TVs with remote controls for each customer; free sodas and sports drinks; plus the latest sports, car and men’s related magazines, Knockouts’ unique grooming and pampering experience for men is definitely not available at other hair salons.

Knockouts full-service salons specialize in competitively priced haircuts, color/lightening, manicures, pedicures, hair waxing and massages, but with a unique twist.

All of these services are provided by expertly trained, beautiful Knockouts girls, who all have cosmetology licenses to cut hair in the latest styles, shampoo hair before and after it’s cut, plus pamper their clients with manicures, pedicures and even mini-facials.

Specially-trained, licensed Knockouts massage therapists also offer a full range of deep tissue, sports, hot stone therapy, trigger point and reflexology massages.

And did I make it clear that all of the gorgeous girls at the Rockwall location are definitely knockouts? Each customer gets to choose who cuts his hair. This is definitely not your father’s corner barber shop!

“What could be better, if you’re a man, than having a beautiful, sexy, young woman shampoo and cut your hair, massage your scalp, neck and shoulders, plus pamper you with a facial, manicure or pedicure?” asked a smiling Pritesh Patel, the proud owner of the new Rockwall franchise, who lives in nearby Sunnyvale. He’s also opening a Knockouts franchise soon in Mesquite.

“Women go to salons and spas all the time for beauty treatments and pampering. Now it’s the men’s turn,” he continued.

“Our business is about providing a much-needed service that guys really want. Men want to be pampered as much as women do, but they don’t want to be pampered by a guy. They want to be pampered by a pretty girl, while they’re watching sports on HDTV, with a soda or beer in hand.”

Founded in Irving TX in 2002 by former policeman Tom Friday and his wife Karin, a former nurse, the Knockouts franchise business is designed to be the best place for a man to go for all of his hair care and grooming needs.

“Knockouts is now one of the fastest-growing franchise concepts in America. The company is growing at an explosive rate and ranks in the top 6% of franchise opportunities nationally,” Patel said.

He added that the Rockwall store just held its grand opening May 1-2 and is already doing a knockout business. Of course, all the media hype that men have heard about the Knockouts girls has made a huge difference.

“Even before the store opened, men were already coming in from miles around and asking when they could arrange appointments. They were even emailing me. But I’m not surprised. Before purchasing the franchises, it was obvious to me that there was a real need for an upscale salon that really catered to men.”

But Patel said that women can feel comfortable about their husbands and boyfriends coming to Knockouts. It’s all very professional. Women are also invited to get haircuts and relaxation treatments here.

“While what we have here is a business with pretty girls that caters to men, we don’t want women to feel uncomfortable about their men or themselves coming here. We have had families and moms bring in their children already. Besides, my wife is my business partner and my conservative parents are also involved. We just want to provide the best place in Rockwall for a man to get his hair care and grooming needs met.”

“It’s not just about ‘hot’ girls. Customer service and quality are also key. All the pretty girls in the world won’t make this business successful if they don’t cut their client’s hair correctly. Men want a good haircut and want to look good,” he added.

Knockouts grooming services feature the “Heavyweight” haircut for $25 & up – including “consultation, relaxing shampoo, haircut, re-shampoo with conditioner, scalp massage and hot face towel, neck trim and style;” the $20 “Upper Cut” clipper cut, including shampoo, scalp massage and hot face towel; the $20 ”Golden Gloves” haircut, for age 10 & under; plus a variety of hair, beard and mustache trims for under $5.

Color, highlight and texture services begin at $25.

Grooming services feature back or chest waxing, beginning at $40, and eyebrows starting at $5. A pedicure, foot massage and paraffin foot treatment runs $35; a manicure, hand massage and paraffin hand treatment costs $25; or a paraffin foot or hand treatment alone for temporary relief of dry skin is just $8.

Hour-long Swedish massages are $65, 30-minute versions are $45; and other 75-minute Deep Tissue, Hot Stone, Trigger Point and Reflexology massages are $85-$90. Mini-facials are just $15.

For gentlemen who want to spend extra time being groomed and pampered, there’s a three-hour “Champion For A Day” package for just $195, which includes Heavyweight haircut, Swedish massage, pedicure, quick trim and a mini-facial, all performed  by his choice of Knockouts girls.

Starting the business has required a lot of work, Patel explained. Besides having to find a suitable location, hiring contractors and building it out, he had to find the girls he needed with cosmetology licenses.

“Fortunately there are plenty of websites where I could advertise for hair stylists and massage therapists,” he said. “I interviewed about 20 girls and have hired seven, so far.”

“Our store manager, Ashley D., is excellent. She graduated from Rockwall High School, obtained a cosmetology license soon after and gained several years of experience right away. Guys really love her.”

The other very popular Rockwall Knockouts girls are Ashley C., Amanda, Claudia, Holly, Mona and Vanessa.

And how do the Knockouts girls feel about working in this “guy-friendly” environment?

“Men like being able to come in and grab a beer, or soda or water; they get to watch sports on TV and have a pretty girl cut their hair. What’s not to like about that?” said the store manager. “Plus, we make great tips!”

Patel said he is still accepting applications in Rockwall and also needs to hire more staff for his Mesquite store, located across from Town East Mall at 1765 N. Town East Blvd.

To apply for either the Rockwall or Mesquite store, contact:  pritesh@knockouts.net or call 817-343-4343.

The Rockwall Knockouts hair and grooming salon in located 2850 Ridge Rd. just a few doors south of CiCi’s Pizza. To arrange an appointment, call 972-722-0005.

For more information about Knockouts franchises, visit http://www.knockouts.net 

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