Rockwall Women’s League announces names of $95,000 college scholarship winners

rwl award winners

By J.J. Smith. The Rockwall Women’s League has announced the names of the 11 Rockwall County 2009 high school graduates to whom the non-profit group has awarded $95,000 in college scholarships.

Four graduates each from Rockwall High School and Rockwall-Heath High School received $10,000 awards. One graduate from Royse City High School received $4,000. Two more students received $2,500 Electra Malone art scholarships, which are recurring and will total $10,000 over four years as long as the graduates continue to meet the college requirements. 

The remaining $6,000 will be awarded to two former Malone art winners whose awards are recurring. 

The award-winners are pictured above, beginning on the front row, from left to right: Katherine Noel Crane, Karli Wagoner, Chad Geiger, Madison Edwards, Samuel Garner and Trevor St. John-Gilbert.

Down the stairs, from the top, they are:  Parker Pennington, Jacob Way, Jordan Hill and Ernesto Vargas. Not pictured is Daniel Vitiello.

The four Rockwall High School grads who earned $10,000 each are:  Noel Crane, Samuel Garner, Chad Geiger and Daniel Vitiello.

The four Rockwall-Heath High School $10,000 award-winners are: Madison Edwards, Parker Pennington, Karli Wagoner and Jacob Way.

Trevor-St. John Gilbert, from Rockwall and Jordan Hill from Rockwall-Heath earned the $2,500 recurring Electra Malone awards.

Ernesto Vargas from Royse City High School earned the $4,000 award.

Crane (RHS) will enroll at the University of Texas at Austin, where she will major in fine arts and plans to become an art therapist. “This Women’s League scholarship has allowed me to reach my goal of becoming an art therapist and attending UT-Austin. I am extremely honored and grateful to have been awarded this scholarship,” she said.

Edwards (RHHS) will attend the University of Texas, major in biology and plans to become a Radiologist. “I really appreciate your generous scholarship support,” she said. “It will help me greatly by allowing me more time to concentrate more on my school work and not worry as much about finances.”

Garner (RHS) will attend the University of Texas at Arlington, where he will major in music education and plans to become a band director. “This scholarship gives me the chance to further increase my education and pursue my passion as a musician,” he said.

Geiger (RHS) will attend Eastfield Community College and then John Brown University, where he will major in graphic design so he can become a graphic designer. “I”m thrilled to be picked out of so many hopefuls as a recipient of this award. It’s truly an honor,” he said. “This scholarship encourages me to see that God will provide for my college education.”

Hill (RHHS) will attend Texas Tech University, major in art and plans to become a graphic designer and illustrator. ”It is an honor to represent the Women’s League and try to achieve my fullest potential,” she said.

Pennington (RHHS) will also attend Texas Tech, major in business and plans to become a corporate or criminal lawyer. “I am honored to be awarded this scholarship from the Rockwall Women’s League and I know that this money will give me a great opportunity to further my educational career and broaden my horizon at Texas Tech,” he said.

St. John-Gilbert will attend the University of Michigan, major in musical theatre and plans to become an actor. “This scholarship is essential in helping me afford the cost fo tuition at a university that will help me reach my dreams of becoming an actor,” he said. “I’m so thankful for the Women’s League’s help in reaching my goals.”

Vargas (Royse City) will attend Austin College, major in accounting and hopes to become a CPA. “This scholarship will help my transition to college to be a little bit easier. I’m happy and excited to achive something special!” he said.

Vitiello (RHS)  wil attend Texas Tech, plans to major in business/investing and become a stock broker. He said he looks at the scholarship as an “investment in my future.”

Wagoner (RHHS) will attend Texas State University, major in fashion/education and plans to become a buyer. She said, “This scholarship will help me to achieve my dreams!”

Way (RHHS)  plans to attend Ouachita Baptist University, will major in education/history and plans to teach in a secondary school. He said the scholarship is “a kindness I am grateful for that will reduce my debt after college.”

Funds were raised for the scholarships through the Rockwall Women’s League’s annual Charity Ball, held earlier this year.

For more information, see the Rockwall Women’s League website. 


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