Lightning strikes Buffalo Creek home new owners were moving into next day


By J.J. Smith. A foreclosed home in the Buffalo Creek subdivision of Heath that was scheduled to be purchased and closed on June 12 was struck by lightning and heavily damaged just after 7 am Thursday during the heavy thunderstorms that swept across the DFW Metroplex.

The home is located at 16 Wimbleton Ct., just one block north of the Buffalo Creek swimming club pool.

The act of nature was quite a surprise for the couple planning to close at 1 pm Friday and move in shortly after, as well as the realtors and bank that owned the home, said local Regal Realtors agent Dell Osborn.

“The new owners of the home were planning to close on the house at 1 pm Friday and move into the home at 1:30 pm,” said the disappointed agent, who lost her entire commission on the sale.

“The new couple were in shock Thursday morning after learning about the freak accident,” she continued.

“They have all of their belongings in a U-Haul trailer and were planning to move in right after the closing tomorrow.”

“The good news is that the property was vacant and nobody was injured or lost any possessions.”

Names of the new owners could not be obtained.

According to Osborn, neighbors across the street heard the lightning strike the house.

Heath fire marshall and public safety officer Jim Simmons said that calls came in just shortly after 7am reporting the fire.

Fortunately none of the surrounding homes were damaged.

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