Rep. Hall reveals at Memorial Day program why he voted eight times against Obama federal bailout plan


By J.J. Smith. U.S. Rep. Ralph Hall (R-Rockwall) revealed to a crowd of about 200 persons gathered Monday for the Memorial Day program at Chandler’s Landing Yacht Club in Rockwall why he voted “No” eight times against the Obama administration’s federal bailout of the nation’s financial institutions.

Hall explained that shortly after Pres. Obama was elected, he sent a letter to the nation’s new leader congratulating him for his election. 

Hall said that he wrote to the President that even though he didn’t vote for Obama, his hometown didn’t vote for him, his district didn’t vote for him and his state didn’t vote for him, that he would nevertheless pledge to do everything he could to help him in his new office.

Soon after the administration’s federal bailout plan passed and was instituted, Hall said he was invited to the White House to meet personally with the President.

It was then that Pres. Obama asked Rep. Hall why he had voted “No” eight times against the federal bailout, especially after Hall had pledged to help him.

Hall said he told the President, ”I marked ”No” eight times because there wasn’t anywhere I could mark ‘Hell No!’”

Other speakers at the ceremony – marked by U.S. Navy jets flying overhead, a rifle salute and the laying of a memorial wreath encircling the U.S. flag on Lake Ray Hubbard - included Rockwall Mayor Bill Cecil, a retired U.S. Air Force veteran and “The Military View” columnist and retired U.S. Army Colonel Jerry Hogan of Heath.

Mayor Cecil told the crowd in a very short speech that he believes we all need to pray for America.

Col. Hogan briefly reviewed the history of the wars during which U.S. servicemen and women have sacrificed their lives for the nation. He told the crowd now that the U.S. is engaged in two wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, he fears our nation’s “warriors” may be in jeopardy of losing U.S. citizens’ support. He asked that citizens continue to express and show their support at events and activities like the Memorial Day program.

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