Thousands attend RISD ‘Rachel’s Challenge Rally’ at Lake Pointe Church


By J.J. Smith. Thousands of Rockwall area students, family members and community residents wearing black T-shirts which read “The Power of One” attended Rockwall ISD’s “Rachel’s Challenge Rally” yesterday at Lake Pointe Church to celebrate how much just one person can make the world a better place by performing acts of kindness and compassion.  

At the event, more than 100,000 paper dolls, called Kindness and Compassion Friends, were brought into the huge church auditorium which had been hung on frames and strung together to form a chain, symbolizing the chain reaction that can take place when someone performs a kind act.

The rally honored the memory of Rachel Scott, who was the first student killed at the 1999 Columbine High School shooting massacre in Littleton, Colorado.

Nancy Boyd, head of counseling for the school district, told the audience that after Rachel’s death her family found a paper on which she had traced her hand and left a note that said someday her hand would reach out and touch the world.

Through the Rachel’s Challenge program, she said, it has.

Founded and directed by Rachel’s parents, Darrell and Sandy Scott, the non-profit foundation makes presentations nationwide to teach and motivate students how they can make positive changes in the nation by simply treating others kindly.

RISD Superintendent Dr. Gene Burton embraced the program last year and implented the RISD’s “Power of One” campaign in all of the District’s elementary and middle schools.

Entertainers, politicians, sports celebrities, educators, and even two Presidents of the United States have been impacted by Rachel’s Challenge, according to the Foundation.

The program will continue annually in the Rockwall ISD.

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