Rowlett voters approve non-smoking ordinance


City of Rowlett voters overwhelmingly supported the City Council’s ban on smoking in most public places in Rowlett in the May 9 election.

The final vote was 1,207 to 668, or 64 to 36 percent.

The ordinance had been enacted by the Rowlett City Council last February, but residents opposed to the smoking ban gathered more than 500 signatures on a petition demanding that the measure be lifted.

The council agreed in March to let voters decide the issue.

According to the ordinance, which took effect May 1, exemptions to the tighter restrictions include most private residences, cigar bars and unenclosed outdoor seating areas.

Bars are exempt if they derive at least 75 percent of annual revenue from on-site alcohol consumption.

“I’m pleased with the results,” said Rowlett Mayor John Harper. “We thought this was what the people wanted.

“By having a special election and it so overwhelmingly in support of the ordinance, it does confirm that the work we did before voting on this was good work.”

The smoking-ban referendum was the only measure on Saturday’s ballot in Rowlett.


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  1. Bob says:

    Ohio had a similar election, but when the ban was actually passed, exemptions for bars and vets clubs disapperaed. The people of Ohio were tricked by these arrogant ban lobbyists. They are masters of lies and deceit.

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