Three candidates announce for council seats in Fate, Royse City

By J.J. Smith

Three more candidates have announced they are running for city council seats in Fate and Royse City, including the former Mayor of Fate.

David Hill, who served as Fate’s Mayor from 2003-2008,  is running for Fate City Council Place 6. He is married, has several grown children and has worked for 25 years in business management, dealing with budgets, personnel, production schedules, project management, etc.

Hill says that his five years of service as mayor give him unique perspective and an in-depth understanding of Fate city government which qualify him for the City Council seat.

While Mayor, the City experienced explosive growth from a population of 500 to over 5,000 people, the return of schools to Fate for the first time in over 50 years and the transition from a general law city to a home rule city.

He established reserve funds for the first time in the City’s history and worked directly with Texas Department of Transportation (TxDoT) to get the downtown portion of Farm to Market 551 resurfaced.

Fate also received a matching grant of $400,000 dollars from Texas Parks and Wildlife for the Robert Smith family park which is now under construction.

Hill served on the Charter Commission, the Rockwall County Emergency Services board and was a part of the Rockwall County Roads Consortium group.

If elected, he plans to work closely with TxDoT, county and state officials to improve Fate’s roads, beginning with the overpass at FM551 and I-30 , which he believes needs to begin sooner than the 2012 scheduled start.

He also believes that economic development is a critical and that Fate needs businesses that would bring local jobs and help relieve the tax burden of residents.

“The current economic development board has not met in threee years and the attitude of waiting until Rockwall is built out is unacceptable,” Hill said.

Brad D. Bianucci, who has been a resident of Fate since 2006, is running for the Fate City Council Place 5. He is married and has three small children. He served in the U.S Peace Corps in the mid 90s as a volunteer.

Bianucci says he has worked in a variety of customer service/personnel industries and currently serves on the swimming pool committee at Woodcreek , because he and his family are frequent users.

He said he believes more awareness is needed about public issues, so no one is blind-sided by happenings in Fate, and wants to see any growth managed in a deliberate manner that benefit the historic community.

Xavier “Xavy” Cortez, a mechanical engineer for the past 12 years in Greenville, is running for Royse City City Council, Place I.

He has lived in Royse City for the past 11 years with his wife Christy, and his three sons Matthew, Patrick, and Jamie.

He currently serves on the Planning and Zoning committee and volunteers as a coach for several youth associations.

Cortez says he believes Royse City has an opportunity to reassess what its identity is, as a result of its financial crisis, and believes that the city council needs to closely monitor budgets and spending, and require periodic if not monthly budget reports from the city manager and all city departments.

He also thinks the City needs to hire back as many of the laid off personnel as soon as possible,  improve city parks and get a grocery store large enough to meet their current and future needs.

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