Over 1,000 cheering protesters show up at Rockwall TEA party


By J.J. Smith

ROCKWALL-Over 1,000  flag-waving, sign-carrying, loudly-cheering protesters showed up at Rockwall’s TEA (Taxed Enough Already) Party yesterday evening at Rockwall City Hall to rally against wasteful federal government overspending, excessive taxation to fund unnecessary “pork” projects and the new trillion-dollar federal budget, chiding Pres. Obama and Congress for acting as socialists.

Hundreds of tea bags were dropped into a large container by the protesters at the event’s conclusion, all of which will be delivered soon to Congress by Congressman Ralph Hall (R-Rockwall), according to event organizers.

At least eight North Texas municipalities plus over one thousand municipalities nationwide hosted TEA party events essentially simultaneously.

With protesters waving such signs as “We are not your ATM,” “No More Bailouts,” and “Obama Commander and Thief,” six speakers reminded the crowd that excessive taxation was the issue that led to the original Boston Tea Party and ensuing American Revolution from England.

Retired military officer and corporate leader plus local military columnist Jerry Hogan stirred the crowd with his chants of “We the People,” from the Declaration of Independence.

He received probably the loudest cheer of the evening when he said that Pres. Obama was wrong when he recently told Europeans that the U.S. is not a Christian nation.

Current Rockwall City Council members Mark Russo and Cliff Sevier reminded protestors that federal overspending is wrong, as is personal overspending, and demanded that Congress cut spending and taxes.

Rockwall Young Republican President Aaron Moore asked the crowd how many of them can constantly get away with spending more money than they bring in.

One speaker recalled a line by Sam Houston: “Texas has yet to learn submission to any oppression.”

One protester even shouted that’s it’s time for Texas to secede and declare it’s independence from the U.S.

Event organizer John White said the hope is that this event will just be the beginning of serious nationwide non-partisan efforts to convince Congress and the President to finally reduce excessive taxation, stop continuous deficit spending and finally balance the budget.

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